Postman Pat Deluxe Sorting Office £12 @ John Lewis

19 June 2010

postman pat Postman Pat remains a childhood classic and the newly revamped show, along with lots of extra goodies (and apparently a celeb endorsement of Specsavers) and some cute stories. So if your kids are into the famous postman then this is a really cute present for only £12 from John Lewis.

Kids can act out a day at the Special Delivery Service sorting office that comes with a whack of extra toys and features. You can turn the wheel of the conveyor belt and see the parcels move along and drop into the parcel trolley.

You can turn the rotary sorter and x-ray the parcels with one of the three x-ray machines. Use the lift to patraise Pat and Jess up to the helicopter landing pad and collect their emergency parcels, or fly off in a hurry.

The kit comes with accessories, parcels and the figures of Pat, Ben and Jess. It is suitable from the age of five years and there are several other kits on the site that you can also get to bulk up your collection.

Thanks to Emmalu at HUKD!

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