Porcelain Gruffalo Breakfast Set £9.77 @ Amazon

Porcelain Gruffalo Breakfast Set £9.77 @ Amazon

gruffaloBreakfastSetOOOH something Gruffalo I haven't seen before (and that's saying something); a porcelain Gruffalo breakfast set!

I love things like this porcelain Gruffalo breakfast set.

My 'having babies' days are well and truly done and as all my children are too old for this sort of thing, I have no need to buy this Gruffalo breakfast set with its porcelain Gruffalo plate, bowl, egg cup and mug.

The thing is I really like the look of it and want to buy it just so I can see it in the real.

The irony of it is, as we have a stone kitchen floor, even if I did have a child young enough for this, it would probably stay very safely tucked away in the 'posh crockery' cupbaord for fear of it ending up in a million pieces on the floor!

It comes in a presentation and a fair few people, who've left comments on Amazon, have bought porcelain Gruffalo breakfast sets as Christening presents.

It is, apparently, stunning in the real and, I quote from one comment, "...survives the dishwasher well."

It's usual retail price is £14.95, Amazon are currently selling it for £9.77, fingers crossed they don't tinker with the price before you get a chance to pick one up - unless, of course, they put the price DOWN some more , that's allowed.

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  • Peter P.
    Came across a similar item on ebay, for about the same price. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Guess-Much-Love-You-Breakfast-Set-New-Box-/290581398480?pt=UK_Baby_FeedingSets_RL&hash=item43a80043d0 I just came across it, and if people dont like the gruffallo, they may like "guess how much i love you" instead.