Pop-Up Ball Pit £7.50 @ Tesco Direct

Pop-Up Ball Pit £7.50

Looking for a bargain ball pit for baby? You can't get much cheaper than this one as the Tesco Round Pop-Up Ball Pit is only £7.50 at Tesco Direct! Similar ones are around twice this price in other supermarkets so I think this is a really good price.

It's a circular fabric ball pit that will pop-up for baby to play in and can be folder down flat again for storage when not in use.

It's a lovely bright colour scheme that kids will love, and it seems like a good size at 80cm wide.

The reviews are really good with parents saying how sturdy it is, how easy to set up and how much their kids loved it!

I had a Tesco Ball Pit very similar to this a couple of years ago, the same type only in a square rather than a circle shape. We set it up for my baby's first birthday, chucked a few hundred balls in there and he was happy as anything! The fabric was really strong and withstood some tough playing as the eldest jumper in the pit and had a good jump about as well!

Tesco did have the Play Balls on offer down to just £3.50 a bag, but they have all sold out online now, though you can pick them up for around £5 a bag in supermarkets and toy stores.

Click and collect costs £2 for orders under £30 at Tesco Direct, or you can get it delivered to your home for £3.

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  • Hayley M.

    Yes 4.50 in tesco but a bag of coloured balls was 5.00! Anyone know where I can get some cheaper?

  • Amy B.

    Sainsburys had them reduced down to £3 on Tuesday

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