Polly Pocket Mega Mall £28.99 @ Amazon

Free delivery included
Polly Pocket Mega Mall £28.99 @ Amazon

Know a Polly Pocket fan? The big Polly Pocket Mega Mall has dropped to just £28.99 at Amazon, and there's free delivery too!

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Kids are going to love all the features of this Pollyville Mega Mall, as there's 6 floors of fun, loads of play pieces, and a parking garage with a vehicle too.

You get micro Polly and Lila dolls, Peaches the dog, a sticker sheet and accessories as well as the mall. In the mall are a fountain, food court, boutique, skate ramp, sports centre, pet shop, cinema and more, as well as a spinning lift to take the dolls to visit each floor.

Delivery is free of charge, as it's over the £20 minimum spend, with Prime members getting speedy One Day Delivery at no extra charge.


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