Playskool Mr Potato Head Spud Buds £6 @ Debenhams

17 September 2010

Playskool Mr Potato Head Spud buds 2 This Playskool Mr Potato Head Spud Buds toy is on sale at Debenhams online, marked down from £15 to £7.50. You can get a further 30% off using the code PP8P, making it £6. There's also a code for free delivery - SHD1.

I always wanted one of these as a kid! Every American movie or TV show seemed to feature a Mr Potato Head, and he looked like a lot of fun. I remember playing with one at my primary school, and spending ages making different sorts of faces and putting on different feet and arms.

When my son was three he got given one, from his godmother. And showed no interest in it. Well, I thought, that's just because he is too young for it. But no. As it happened he has never, sadly, showed any interesting in playing with Mr Potato Head, building up different faces, putting on funny hats or mix and matching arms and legs.

Which is a huge shame for me as I feel a bit weird playing with the toy on my own. So, if you're not sure if your child will 'get' Mr Potato Head, at this price, you can afford to experiment a little. It would make a great auxilliary gift to put under the Christmas tree too.

Playskool Mr Potato Head Spud buds 1Mr Potato head body and two veggie friends come with parts and pieces. Includes potato body, corn body, carrot body, 3 faces, 3 arms with props, 3 regular arms, 3 sets of feet, 2 hats and carrot top. Recommended age is 2 plus.

Thanks to Natz85 at HUKD!

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