Playskool Glide 2 Ride Learning Bike @ TJ Hughes

Playskool Glide 2 Ride Learning Bike @ TJ Hughes

ridebikeRemember how hard it was to get the hang of riding a bike? I watched my nephews pick it up just like that, by starting with pedal-less bikes when they were two years old. By the time they were four or five they were able to ride pedal bikes with ease, as they’d already mastered balancing. So I did the same for my son.

The only thing I didn’t figure on was his attachment to the bicycle! Now he’s far too big for the little pedal-less bike I bought him, but is reluctant to give it up. A model like the Glide 2 Ride Learning Bike would have been perfect, as I’d just be able to attach the pedals and away he’d go. The bicycle normally has an RRP of £149.99. TJ Hughes is selling it online for £49.99.


The Playskool Glide 2 Ride Learning Bike comes in two colours – pink or blue. It also has a handbrake located on the handlebar. The recommended age for the bike is 3+, so about a year older than other types of ‘glide’ bikes. But hopefully it will last a little longer too, as you can attach the pedals as soon as the child is ready. Some parent assembly is required – you will need to attach the handlebars.

Thanks to bear7364 at HUKD!


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  • Andor
    We did find this bike in store, not online, for 49.99. Assembly is easy and to get our boy riding on it took 3 days. By then he was able to balance himself and went down some small hills. About 2 month later when he was on holiday with a friend that had a bigger bicycle with pedals and stabilizers he wanted to take that bike all the time. Our solution. We put the pedals on and told him to ride his own bike. Within 2 days he mastered the bicycle. Now four months later he still want to drive the bicycle every day. and he is just 3 and a half. Down sides: pedals are broken already and need replacing, chain fell of more than once, bike is heave and the preassembled parts needed adjusting to stop the back wheel from running into the protective casing of the chain and the front wheel was not allinged. Up to now the LN screw for the pedals do come out and make the pedals come loose. Pro: Our boy loves the bike and is actually already grown out of it in size. He mastered it really well and using the same bike for balance and learning how to bicycle worked really well.