PlayPennies Exclusive: Oobicoo Discount Code £34.90

21 November 2012

Oobicoo dolls were the subject of one of my reviews recently and I absolutely loved them. They are utterly gorgeous and kids adore them. Well, they have gone up in price to £46.80 this Christmas BUT we at PlayPennies HQ got a fabulous PlayPennies exclusive voucher code to drop that price down to £34.90.

The deal is simple. You visit the Oobicoo website and order your gorgeous doll for your little ones as Christmas gifts. Then, as you checkout, you simply use the discount code PLAYPENNIES to drop by price by a whopping £11.90. You can even phone up and place an order and use this code, it is not exclusively for online use.

  • Discount: £11.90
  • Promotional code: PLAYPENNIES
  • Expires: 16 December 2012

The Oobicoo is an enchanting Christmas gift that I really do recommend if you know someone with a child of the right age. They tick all the right boxes for me and I’m really pleased we got this ace exclusive.

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