Playmobil Series 5 Fi?ures Review

Playmobil Fi?ures are the sort of toy that parents and kids both like - they're easy on parental pockets but are collectable and loads of fun for little people too. Best of both worlds.

The Fi?ures product line is PLAYMOBIL’s biggest seller in the UK - they've sold over 1.4 million characters to date. Each figure is individually packaged and costs just £1.99. And that's my absolute favourite thing about the Fi?ures range - you get all the brilliance and reliability of the Playmobil brand but at a price that's really affordable - these are perfectly priced for kids to buy using their own hard-earned pocket money cash.

My only contention with the Fi?ures Series 5 range is that it features '12 characters for boys' and '12 for girls'. I'm not a fan of gender divisions when it comes to toys so I'm not overly into the fact that the toys are divided into blue and pink packets, but I know plenty of parents (and kids, whose opinions probably matter the most) who won't have a problem with that.

Personally I can't see why girls shouldn't play with the Superhero or the Policeman, or why boys might not want to play with the Forest Heroine for that matter. There is also a Snowboarding Alien and an In-Line Skating Violinist, but I'd still love these toys just a little bit more if they weren't aligned with gender stereotyping.

The clever thing about Playmobil Fi?ures is that you can assemble, take apart or mix and match body parts and accessories from all 120 Fi?ures to create thousands of new characters for extra fun at playtime. There are 24 interchangeable additions to the Fi?ures range, bringing the total number of unique character combinations to a mind-boggling 85,000. That makes them especially appealing to my kids, and it means that if you lose a body part (as happens regularly in our house) the whole toy isn't completely redundant.

It doesn't surprise me at all that Playmobil Fi?ures are Playmobil's biggest ever selling product range. They were a huge hit with my kids, and if they weren't so prone to stashing tiny toys somewhere and promptly forgetting where they've left them, I reckon they'd be up for seeing how many of these they can collect.

Pros Brilliantly priced - perfect for kids to buy with their pocket money. Collectable and interchangeable. What's not to like?

Cons I'm not a fan of the pink-for-girls and blue-for-boys packaging and would find these more appealing if they weren't sold as gender-specific toys.

Overall verdict 7/10

All Playmobile ranges are available from the PLAYMOBIL Online Shop and other toy retailers.

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