Playmobil Easter Eggs

2 March 2013

Easter. Eggs. Chocolate overload. I find that even just more than a couple of Easter eggs is too much, and we end up with chocolate sitting in the house for weeks.

Which is why for the last few years we've gone for a Playmobil Easter Egg instead. It is a toy, with no chocolate in sight. Great as we have a local Easter egg hunt in the woods near the house each year, and that's more chocolate than my son can possibly eat in a month!

The eggs themselves are actually quite sizeable, and priced at £5.99, which is only a couple of quid (at the most) more than we'd spend on a chocolate Easter Egg. Another thing that's handy about the eggs is that they make great, re-usable containers. The top and bottom click together quite well.

We got the Fire Knight on a Horse (4937) and the Mini Playground (4939) to review. Both of these are fairly gender neutral, although the blue egg and the Knight are possibly a bit more 'boy' orientated. But I know as many girls who like castles and medieval toys as boys, so I don't think it matters much.

I sometimes feel like I am paying a bit for the name, but with these Easter Eggs I do feel like I'm getting a lot for my money. There's a fair amount of toy on the inside. And as with all Playmobil stuff, you have to click it all together. We've done plenty of these and don't even need to look at the instructions anymore.

There are two other eggs in the range. There's the Fairy with Swan Pond (4936) and Ranger with Forest Animals (4938).

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