Playmobil Christmas Market Review

7 December 2011

I was recently sent the Playmobil Christmas Market 4891 to review. I was both excited and sceptical. You see, I don’t “get” Playmobil. Not as efficiently and excitedly as Lynley does - check out her fab Playmobil Advent Calendar review here. However, I ended up coming to the same conclusion as she did – buy this.

It costs around £18, the price varies from store to store with Amazon discounting it to £18.97 and others to as low as £17.52, all including delivery charges. So no, this is not a cheap toy. In fact, it is a high quality, main Christmas present kind of toy.

I reviewed this with three children, all girls who were 5, 6 and 8 years old. The level of excitement, the utter delight, this is hard to fake with kids and you just know when a Christmas gift is good or when you have spent money on something you thought was fab, but they will never, ever play with.

This Playmobil Christmas Market (number 4891) is the former. The kids were enthralled. They loved the little dudes with their flutes, playing Christmas music. They adored creating the Christmas tree and decorating it with the included bits and bobs. They fought over who got which character – the chickadee in the jodhpurs with the red scarf was the most popular – and they had such fun manning their Christmas Market stalls and selling their food and toys.

Each one of the two included stalls inside the Playmobil Christmas Market has its own theme and décor. There are cute little toys and food trays included and even a dove or two to place on the roof to coo happily at the shoppers.

While the price may be high, the entertainment value matches. My daughter has become a Playmobil convert and that makes this worth every penny.

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