Playmobil 4171 T-Rex With Velociraptors Review

4 October 2012

If you've got a child that's dinosaur mad, then I really do recommend the dinosaur playsets from Playmobil. Both my son, who is 7 and one of his best friends (she is also 7) have several of them. Including the Playmobil 4171 T-Rex with Velociraptors (priced at £21.99 at Charlies Direct, or you may still be able to pick it up on special offer at Amazon* for £14.97).

It is interesting to watch them play with these sets as they both do so in different ways. My son's friend uses the whole set with landscapes, and builds up a story narrative. My son uses all the different parts of this for different things, and makes up crazy wild games including space ships and castles.

In the set you get the T-Rex, two smaller velociraptors, a teeny lizard and a snake, the skull of a triceratops, and three sections of sceneary that includes plantlife.

As always with Playmobil the build quality is generally good. The dinosuars have limbs that move, and you can move their necks up and down too. The jaw on the T-Rex moves so you can have it grabbing one of the velociraptors.

My son was slightly disappointed in that, unlike the spinosaurus in the same range, the tongue in the T-Rex's mouth isn't also movable.

From a parent's perspective, the toys are all made of a smooth, solid plastic that's durable, very easy to wipe clean (and look like new) and is resistant to scratches no matter how many times it gets thrown across the patio.

It doesn't take long to put together, although if you've got a child that's easily excitable but doesn't really want to sit down and do all the fiddly bits themselves, it can feel like it takes a really, really long time.

My only grip really is that the fronds on the trees should really clip together a bit more firmly. Frankly, I spend far too much of my life picking up various little green fronds and trying to put them back together.

What I've done instead is got a set of three, clear plastic drawers. These are for all his Playmobil kit, so the top one for landscapes, the middle for accessories, and the bottom for figures and creatures.

So now when I'm tidying up, or he is, the bits can just get flung into the drawer instead of trying reassemble them all the time. And then later, if he wants a particular landscape, he knows where all the parts are to put it together himself.

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