Playmobil 123 Large Zoo £20 @ Tesco Direct

20 September 2011


This is an ace deal from Tesco Direct. The Playmobil 123 large zoo is down from £40 to only £20 making this exceptional value and a great Christmas gift. You can pay for delivery or you can arrange to collect your lovely toy instore.

The Playmobil large zoo has everything your child needs to have fun at the zoo. The set includes two sizeable enclosures for all the lovely zoo animals that you plan to keep and so that they animals don’t, um, eat the passers-by, of course.

You get a monkey, giraffe, sheep, horse, and a rabbit for your zoo too. This amuses me greatly. I mean, a horse, a sheep and a rabbit implies FARM but the giraffe and the monkey imply zoo. I know you get rabbits at the zoo but it does seem a bit, well, boring. Why not a leopard or a lion?

There is tractor and a trailer included as well as five Playmobil figured and nine farm animals.

Thanks to missgem at HUKD!

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  • Tan
    Hi, the title says £20 but the text says £30. Just a bit confusing! :0)
  • Ling D.
    We got this set last year during the same offer but which was also on a multibuy 3 for 2. I would say that this is one of my little boy's favourite playsets. I gave it him on his first birthday and the creatures have since gone round the world with us. The giraffe is his favourite by far but they are so well designed (even the vehicles) and have thus far survived his dropping them off heights and a spin in our washing machine. I once found the giraffe and elephant asleep in my Pyrex jugs. I like how the set is less baby-ish looking than Fisher Price Little People and as I understand it, Playmobil 1-2-3 (baby version) people/ animals are compatible with the older Playmobil set so in my head at least, this has more longevity as a toy than our FP and even ELC sets. Only down side is that I don't see many other sets of Playmobil 1-2-3 on offer in the UK (in fact have not seen any other apart from the farm set Tesco were also doing at half price last year). There are one or 2 specialist online retailers that carry other range of 1-2-3 sets. Their market share in the UK seem to be the normal (older) Playmobil stuff.

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