Play-Doh Burger Builder £7.49 @

Play-Doh Burger Builder £7.49 @

burgersThis looks like it could be quite fun and for less than the price of two Big Mac meals too!

I don't think making Play-Doh burgers is going to set your child on a MacDonald's or Burger King career path but it could while away a few hours during half-term week (it hasn't even begun yet and I'm already willing it to be over, bah humbug!).

Play have reduced the price of this burger builder kit from £14.99 (which I probably wouldn't pay for it) to £7.49 (which I'm more likely to pay for it) and delivery within the UK is always free.

It comes with everything your little burger-flipper needs to create the perfect beef-patty filled bun with salad - all they have to do is change the moulds, bung in some PlayDoh, press and viola! Burgers, tomatoes, lettuce and buns!

All of this burger building might, of course, make you hungry for the real thing so it might be wise to have burgers on the menu for lunch that day so you can build and eat some for real.

Thanks to cherish138 over at HUKD!


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  • Ruth
    I found half price green top SMA in Tescos today....never in my life have they sold baby milk powder at half price. It's for older kids and my 2.5 yr old still drinks it as it's got extra vitamins etc in it. Could be nationwide...don't know?