Play Doh Mega Fun Factory £16.47 @ Tesco Direct

20 September 2010

playDoh This Play Doh Mega Fun Factory has been reduced, by Tesco Direct, down to £16.47 from £24.97.

My friend from infants school, Tanya, used to have Play Doh and my enduring memory of those days (and yes, I can remember that far back - actually!) was that it smelt of marzipan!

It was also great fun and could be incredibly messy.

I don't recall there being all these fun factory bits and pieces back in 'the old days', maybe there was but we just didn't have them - apparently we were old skool just having the tubs and making things for ourselves.

But times change and if you've got a Play Doh Mega Fun Factory then you can do all sorts of new and 'modern' things (these swipes at me being 'old fashioned' come from the Teenagers who never had Play Doh at home, I was mean!)

So, you grab some Play Doh and bung it in the top, turn on your conveyer belt and your Doh comes out the other end all squished and stamped into whatever shapes or food items you set it to produce.

Oh yes, this dude is automated. There's no manual labour at THIS mega fun factory so you're going to need to AA batteries as well because they aren't included.

You can arrange to collect your Play Doh Mega Fun Factory  in store for free or pay £5.95 for home delivery.

It doesn't sound as much fun as making model horses with Tanya, but what do I know!

Thanks to DarrenBolton over at HUKD

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