Play-Doh Launch Game £6.49 With Free Delivery @ Argos eBay

Play-Doh Launch Game £6.49 With Free Delivery @ Argos eBay

This looks like a great fun game for the kids and it's a cracking price too. The Play-Doh Launch Game is just £6.49 at the Argos official eBay store, that's half the price it is selling for in most places. What's more they also throw in free delivery as well!

This game comes with three cans of play doh, and the idea is that you make your own Play-Doh missiles, pop them on your launch pad, and you fling them at the little trash can guy in the middle. He spins and waves his hands about so it's tricky to get your play-doh in, and whoever gets the most in his can is the winner.

This game is for 2 or 3 players, and is recommended for ages 4 and upwards. You'll also need a 1.5V C battery to power the spinning trash can, as that is not included.

This looks like just the thing to bring out over the summer holidays when the children are complaining that they are bored, and although I wouldn't pay the £19.99 RRP that this is advertised at, I think £6.49 with free delivery is great value.

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  • Heather S.

    I feel this game would end up in disaster! Carpets & launching playdoh oh no!!