PINTOY Workbench by John Crane £34.99 @ Amazon

PINTOY Workbench by John Crane £34.99 @ Amazon

There’s 44% off the PINTOY Workbench by John Crane at Amazon at the moment, making this £62.99 wooden workbench only £34.99, saving you £28.

I’m not particularly clued up on all the workbenches out there, but I see a fair few pass through here from time to time, and I think this is by far one of the better quality workbench toys I’ve seen. I also think it’s a pretty good price for a large-ish wooden toy.

Apparently this set will help your little builder understand the basics of construction skills and it comes with an impressive selection of tools and wooden shapes – or so says the description. The first reviewer thinks there aren’t enough bits to construct much of anything at all.  Reading through the reviews, it’s ideal for younger kids, but a bit limited in scope as they get older (nearer 3).

Overall, however, the reviewers found it sturdy, good quality and most of them thought it was money well spent.

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD


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