Pintoy Wooden Dolls House £75.99 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this Pintoy wooden doll's house for £75.99, which sounds like quite a lot until you consider its usual full price of £149.99!

If you've ever gazed adoringly at beautiful detached Georgian houses with rooms spanning three floors, here's your chance to get onto that particular property ladder.  Okay, so this Pintoy wooden doll's house is only a 1:12 scale model of your dream home but it's a start, right?

It's certainly the cheapest of the wooden doll's houses around at the moment and one of the biggest too - in fact, it's enormous!  Behind its classic Georgian double frontage it boasts six rooms (oooh you can tell I always fancied the idea of being an estate agent - a nice one - can't you!) and can be extended by adding the basement unit, which is sold separately.

Fixtures, fittings, furniture and the family aren't included either - I'm undecided whether or not this is a good thing.  On the one hand it means your spending isn't done, you're going to have to kit out your wooden doll's house after you've spent £75.99 on it; on the other, you're not stuck with someone else's idea of the idea doll's house interior and family.

This is definitely the sort of thing to buy for Christmas as a big main pressie and stash away; perhaps the rest of the family can get involved by either contributing the cost of the house or donating to a 'family and furniture fund'.

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