Pintoy Baby Walker with Bricks £19.33 @ Amazon

There's a fantastic discount at Amazon on the Pintoy Baby Walker with Bricks. It's reduced from £49.99 to £19.33, giving us a massive £30.66 saving.

When my oldest was a baby we never had a baby walker, and we never needed one. She walked holding our hands from about 8 months, and by 9 months she was scooting about without help from anyone. I've often said I think they're a pretty useless bit of kit. I'm kind of eating those words now, because my second baby, now 10 months old is a perfect candidate for a walker. She pushes our furniture around the room like there's wheels attached, and gets really upset when she reaches the wall and can't go further. Her walker is her favourite accessory.

The Pintoy Baby Walker is a lovely wooden walker with cushioned rubber wheels and comes complete with 24 alphabet blocks. I'm not sure which letters aren't represented.

It's a lovely little walker, and once they're all grown up and walking, will make a great trolley for moving toys from one side of the room to the other, I'm sure.

Thanks to purplelemur at HUKD

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