Pillow Pets £7.49 @ Home Bargains

Missed all the previous Pillow Pet deals we've featured before? Been waiting for an actual Pillow Pet deal to come back around, rather than those that go by other names? Well you're luck is IN (go and buy a lottery ticket too, today, you're obviously on a rol!) as Home Bargains have some great deals on various Pillow Pets at the moment: £7.49 instead of £14.99.

You have to look at the Pillow Pet Puppy, he is just CUTE!! If I had to choose just one, he'd be the one for me, followed by the monkey I think.

I've written about these Pillow Pets lots of times before and, I'll be honest, am running out of new and original things to say about them! I've told you that my youngest niece is utterly inseparable from her LadyBird Pillow Pet. I've told you how she folds her pyjamas up inside the aforementioned Pillow Pet and uses her as a pyjama case (she's super tidy, my little niece!).

I've also told you that I see lots of them when I'm travelling, they seem to be a very popular travel companion for kids on planes. I've told you how they're a cuddly pal when they're folded up, and a great pillow, then become a large flatter cushion you can sit on, when you open them out.

I don't think there's much more you really need to know about them, other than you can arrange to collect them from your local Home Bargains store for free!

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