Personalised Valentines Chocolates from £5 @ Thorntons

Personalised Valentines Chocolates from £5 @ Thorntons

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Still looking for a Valentine's Day gift? If you want something individual then these Personalised Valentines Gifts from Thorntons are a really sweet idea as you can add your own message to them.

My favourite is the Alphabet Truffles* where you can write a message with a different letter on each individual truffle. You can choose from 22 truffles for £15, or if you need more letters the 33 truffle box is £20. (In case you were wondering "Will you marry me? will fit in the £15 box nicely!) Nothing too rude though or they might refuse to make it. ;)

If you want a more permanent message that won't get eaten then there's a large Personalised Continental* box of chocolates for £20, which can have names or messages added for free on to the box.

For £5 you can got your message iced on to a Valentines Chocolate Heart Plaque, for £8 there are Chocolate Champagne Bottles and Cars, as well as a few other choices.

The Photo Box*of chocolates is a lovely idea, and the price varies from £11 to £19 depending on which size box of chocolates you order.

There's still time to get them for Valentine's Day of you are quick, or some of the smaller gifts can be bought and personalised in stores as well. Relying on the Standard Delivery service may be a bit risky to get them for Saturday as it's 3 to 5 working days, so if you want to be sure then the Next Day or Named Day Delivery is £6.95.


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