Peppa Pig Theme Park Ride Set £20 @ Tesco Direct


Tesco has reduced the Peppa Pig Theme Park Ride Set from £40 to £20. That’s a smack bang in the middle half price off and you can click and collect instore for free. I have no idea is this is worth the original price, let’s take a look under the hood.

The set includes a train ride and the big wheel and a café, a toy shop and three figures. You can join Peppa Pig on her theme park adventures using the figures to role play and re-enact a day at the funfair. Which is pretty cool. You get Grandpa Pig, George and Peppa to play around with.

The set is suitable for kids from the age of four and has had 12 reviews with the majority of them positive. The overall score is 4.6 out of ten but most agree that discount price is great, full price is too much.

My 4 year old daughter had seen an advert for this and wanted this to add to her collection. Cost was fine as it was on offer but it is overpriced at full price. My daughter enjoys playing with it but finds the wheel quite frustrating as it's hard to put the figures in, apart from the smaller siblings.

Thanks to raggydoll33 at HUKD!

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