Peppa Pig Spaceship Adventure Playset £16.60 @ Amazon

Peppa Pig Amazon are selling the Peppa Pig Spaceship Adventure Playset for £16.60, reduced from £29.99.

If you have a little fan of Peppa Pig, you'll know how crazy the kids go over that little bit o' bacon.

With this spaceship, your kids can blast off into space with the Peppa Rocket and explore with the Adventure Buggy.

The Rocket has phrases and sound effects like "Go left little spaceship!" and it includes Spacesuit Peppa, George & Danny Dog.

We have a couple of these at the play area at our local garden centre, and what I will say about them is that they are pretty hard wearing and durable. They last forever, and can put up with a lot of abuse from active little space explorers.

They're not overly cheap, but what with the buggy and the space ship together they should at least provide opportunity for more than one player at a time too.

Thanks to suzanne on PlayPennies FB

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