Peppa Pig 'Spaceman George' Backpack £5.77 @ Amazon

backpack This little Peppa Pig backpack is super cool

Kids backpacks are great - they love to feel included and useful and just like the grown-ups, so bung a few bits and pieces in a little backpack and they'll be happy little peeps.

Not only does it help them feel all of the things I already mentioned, but it can also provide a good opportunity to teach them about being respsonsible for looking after the things they want to take out with them; it's ideal for putting things in to take to nursery or overnight stays with the grandparents perhaps!

Peppa PigThis one, starring George dressed up as a spaceman, is ideal for boys andthe girls will love it too - I'm always quite surprised at how many boys are totally infatuated with Peppa Pig, there needs to be more blue Peppa Pig things in my opinion.   Fifi's another one that lots of boys love...but that's a whole different backpack.

This little backpack has an easy-to-open zip so little fingers can get in and out of their bag easily and the straps are adjustable, so it will grow with them.

Postage free with the good old SuperSaver deal and that's all there is to say about that!

Happy backpacking!

Thanks to amibees over at HUKD!

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    "his little Peppa Pig backpack is super cool" ¬_____¬
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    [...] mats come in to their own – they are small enough to just pack away in little bag (like this Peppa Pig backpack perhaps!) ready to be whipped out at a moments [...]

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