Peppa Pig Secret Tower Playset £13.94 @ Amazon

1 November 2010


You’ve got to hand it to Amazon, they really do burst with dealtastic goodness don’t they? I know that the deal prices change faster than an autumn weather report, but you can really land some doozies! This Peppa Pig Tower is a total bargain at £13.94 and will make a fantastic Christmas present.

Peppa Pig is just so unbelievably popular, although I don’t quite get why I can’t see it waning in the near future. This tower will make one little child very happy indeed as it comes with all sorts of lovely extras and is really good value for money.

The Peppa Pig tower comes with four little rooms, a revolving doorway, accessories and a Peppa Pig figurine. There is even a secret revolving mirror! The tower can be snapped shut for easy transportation too, making it a nice little plaything for kids and a mess saver for parents.

Thanks to Lucerysmum at HUKD!

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