Peppa Pig Princess Royal Carriage £7.49 @

Peppa Pig Princess Royal Carriage £7.49 @

Princess Peppa Royal CarriageTime to get a bit regal? I'm not sure how Princess Peppa fits into the Peppa Pig universe, but this looks like a really nice little girl's toy. And have it reduced to half price, down from £14.99 to £7.49 with free delivery.

I've been watching Peppa Pig and reading the books for a while now, and I do really enjoy these stories. What surprises me is that my son and his friends will still stop to watch Peppa Pig too. You'd think that they would have grown out of it by the age of five, especially with their fixation on everything to do with Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (oh yes there's a new Ben 10!) and Bakugan. But no. And my friend's daughter, who is nearly 7, has asked for this very toy on her Christmas list!

There are new episodes on Channel Five's Milkshake show at the moment, and I've actually found myself timing our morning routine so I can see it! Mummy Pig works at home, on her computer, just like I do. Daddy Pig does something in an office - they've been there in at least one episode - but he doesn't seem to have to spend much time there! I love the way everything is at the top of a hill. Which is rather what the landscape is like around here (one of the creators of Peppa Pig lives just a few streets away - co-incidence?).

Along with the carriage and Princess Peppa, you get a push along horse and Sir George - Peppa's little brother dressed in a suit of armour.

Thanks to sarahandjonesy at HUKD!


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