Peppa Pig Pogo 'Hop And Squeak' £16.99 With Free Delivery @ IWOOT

Peppa Pig Pogo 'Hop And Squeak' £16.99 With Free Delivery @ IWOOT

This looks like brilliant fun for little Peppa fans, and it will certainly burn off some of that excess energy! It's just £16.99 at IWOOT and that includes free delivery too.

This Peppa Pig Pogo 'Hop And Squeak' is a fun take on the Pogo Stick, with an added Peppa twist and sound effects too!

This is different to a traditional pogo stick in that it has a bungee that stretches instead of a stick, and the footrest has a squeaker that makes sounds with every bounce!

It looks such great fun for little ones, and it can be used both outdoors and indoors. I think I'll be getting one to keep the kids occupied and active over the Easter holidays as they won't have the school playground to run around in!

Standard delivery is free as this if over the £10 minimum spend for free delivery, so £16.99 is all you'll pay.


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  • Lyns M.

    I know caitlyn is a fan of peppa but can you imagine how quickly as a parent you would want to hide this.. FOREVER :joy::joy:

    • Julie H.

      No way no hell no how!

    • Stacey O.

      Joe would love this :joy::joy:

      • Amy L.

        Omg :joy::joy: he would love it but i would last for about 10 minutes listening to it before i take the thing to bits :joy: cant wait for him to move on to something els ive never really been a hateful person... but peppa pig just a whole nuther level going insane with it day in day out i hate peppa pig :punch::see_no_evil::pig::gun::joy: xxx

      • Dean G.

        This would drive me insane!!!

        • Hayley C.

          sure Isabel would loves this lol x

          • Jayne C.

            This would drive me insane :joy::joy::joy: