Peppa Pig Peppa Secret Tower £9.97 @ Tesco Direct

13 November 2011

As I sit writing this my six year old son is sitting next to me playing with his Peppa Pig playground playset. The toys in this range have an appeal that last for quite a while. I think he still plays with all his Peppa Pig stuff even though he's a little bit old for the show now. I don't think you can really go wrong then with this Peppa Pig Peppa Secret Tower if you're looking for something as a Christmas gift. Tesco Direct has it reduced in their 50% sale from £19.97 down to £9.97. Delivery is free if you can collect in store.

Princess Peppa has her own secret tower, and she wants to share its magical mysteries with you! At least that's what it says on the website. I can't quite see what is 'secret' about it to me (I was thinking it might have a secret compartment, but I couldn't see anything about that in the blurb).

It folds out to reveal royal rooms, accessories and beautiful furniture, all fit for a princess. There’s all sorts of secret wonders to be discovered, including a magical mirror and a large clothes dresser – after all, a princess needs somewhere special to store all her beautiful outfits. When Peppa is tired, she can relax in the luxurious four poster bed. Again, that's what it says on the website and I have to wonder who on earth writes these things and have they even seen the show? Peppa is one of the best role models for little girls on the telly. She's not princess obsessed, and she's not fashion obsessed!

However, if I was going to have anything 'princess' themed in your child's bedroom then this would probably be it.

This Peppa Secret Tower is designed to encourage development of hand to eye co-ordination, while also offering your child hours of imaginative play. It’s suitable for little princesses aged 3 years and up.

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