Peppa Pig Kitchen Playset £32.24 @ Argos

Peppa Pig Kitchen Playset £32.24 @ Argos

Argos have reduced the price of this Peppa Pig Kitchen Playset by £15, bringing it down to £32.24 from £47.49.

I always find it too easy to slip into gender stereotyping when it comes to toys like this Peppa Pig Kitchen Playset and assume that it's only girls who will love it.

However, if there are kitchen toys to be played with then that's where you'll, more than likely, find my youngest.

He's five and has ALWAYS loved messing around in the kitchen - real and pretend ones - helping to bake things and cooking dinner.  He also loves playing with his Transformers and Star Wars Light Sabers, but he's already a mean cook...perhaps he's the next Raymond Blanc in training!

This Peppa Pig Kitchen Playset has a ton of great features that will really bring kitchen play to life for your child.

It features the Peppa Pig theme tune and has interactive effects and phrases.  Food and utensils can be washed in the sink with real running water (you'll have to put your plumber's hat on and fill up the water tank every now and then), there are lots of cooking accessories and play pancakes to toss and you can set the oven timer and watch the hob glow too.

I wasn't a fan of play kitchens when I was little, but then none of them were as cool as this Peppa Pig Kitchen Playset.

Happy pretend cooking!


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  • bex7
    the above price for argos is wrong they are selling it for almost £43! cheaper on ebay even with postage and packaging