Peppa Pig Greeting Cards £4.99 @ The Book People

10 January 2011

Peppa Pig Greeting Cards

A Peppa Pig Greeting Card set of 30 cards is now £4.99, instead of a rather incredible £19.99, at The Book People. With this 75% saving, each card will now cost you 17p.

Have you ever found yourself on the way to a birthday party, gift in hand, and realised you don't have a card? You then stop off at any corner shop, and purchase a dismal card from their equally dismal variety, at extortionate rates, before heading on your way again, disgruntled and a little annoyed. Sound familiar?

Well, there's an easy solution, really. When deals like this come round, buy a stock of different cards that you keep in the cupboard for the next birthday, thank you, get well, or any other occasion you might need.

This Peppa Pig Greeting Card set has 30 cards, of which 18 are for birthdays, four are thank you cards, and there are eight blank cards for those one off and random occasions – like get well, come over for a play-date and so on.

Postage is £3.95, unless you buy for over £25.00, in which case use the promo code SAGASAVE for 10% off.

Thanks to sazzlebob at HUKD

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