Peppa Pig George's Band Set £7.49 @ Argos

4 January 2011

Peppa Pig George's Band Set I am so loving these sales! Here's another fab deal from the Argos half price sale. This excellent looking musical set themed with George from the Peppa Pig television show and books is now £7.49, down from £14.99 at Argos.

I had some of these Peppa Pig instruments, seperately not as a set, when my son was little and they're still in his music box. So they seem to take quite a bit of bashing! And lets face it, sooner rather than later all three year olds use the shakers for bashing more than they do for shaking. His were in the pink, with Peppa on them, as they didn't produce merchandising for other members of the family then. Or at least not much! This one however is themed with her younger brother George and I guess, just in case you didn't realise he was a boy, they've made it blue as well!

The set includes castanets, cymbals, a drum, maracas, a trumpet and a tambourine. All very noisy stuff, but at this age they'll find something to be noisy with anyway! I used to keep all the musical items together in one basket in the lounge, and he used to love to pull it out and surround himself with everything experimenting with all the different noises they make.

Definitely well worth having something like this!

Thanks to Beanz-On-Toast at HUKD!

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  • Ling D.
    I've been hmming and haaing about these for ages about whether to get them for a little girl (I know but I don't really like the whole pink-blue streotype anyway) and the price has fallen further to £5.99!! Wound up buying 2 sets as my little boy went to a birthday party the hogged the little drum that comes in this set. Most drum go for around £5 without the rest of the set! Fab price and fab product - hope this helps someone!
  • Lynley O.
    Still £5.99 today! Thanks for letting us know!

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