Peppa Pig Feature Tent £11.50 @ Boots

Peppa Pig Feature Tent £11.50 @ Boots

Peppa Pig Campervan TentThis Peppa Pig Feature Tent looks like the campervan Peppa and her family go on holiday with in the show. It looks quite well done actually! I know from first hand experience that kids love tents, and not just for outdoors. One in their bedroom seems to provide almost unlimited opportunities for imaginative play! Boots has reduced to half price the Peppa Pig Feature Tent, down from £23 to £11.50.

How cool is this campervan tent? Never mind the kids, I want one of these to play with. This campervan tent has a fold up door, awning and picnic mat. The control panel printed inside has a moveable steering wheel - great for instant role play. The tent can be used indoors and outdoors. Its dimensions are:  H84 x W112 x D75 cm. According to the website it is suitable for ages two years and upwards.

This is a good price - around £10 cheaper than the cheapest price elsewhere. Would make a great present for a birthday - maybe not the sort of thing that's suitable for a present drawer but great for a god child or niece/nephew.

Thanks to marmatdav at HUKD!


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