Little People Animal Sounds Zoo Review

For a Little People lover, the Animal Sounds Zoo is a must have. It is quite  a large toy, but that simply reflects the range of activities it offers.

Basically, it’s a zoo, and it comes with a zoo keeper, a lion, polar bear and gorilla and there are nine more animals that you can purchase separately.

This is, as you’d expect from Fisher Price, a talking toy. So when you arrive at the ticket booth you press on the button and the ticket seller welcomes you to the zoo.  You can then place any of the ZooTalkers animals in the cut and you’ll hear it’s name and it will make vaguely realistic animal sound too.

The ‘zoo’ is set up in regions, so you have the icecaps for the polar bear, the jungle for the monkeys, grasslands for the lions and water and a water slide for the dolphins, penguins and so on (not included). There are little ‘information boards’ that show you which animals live in which areas and apart from the hut, there are other button-activated sounds, as well as the music that plays too.

Apart from the waterslide there are also a swing in the jungle area, a leaf that turns round, a ‘peek-a-boo’ door and a hippo that opens and closes his mouth (button activated).  The toy is two sided, so you can have two kids playing together, and there’s storage space at the back, but not a lot of activities.

While only the ZooTalkers animals will activate the sounds, the buttons themselves will work with a finger press, and any of your other Little People characters will fit in the zoo and be able to enjoy a day out.

The Little People Animal Sounds Zoo has a convenient carry handle which makes up one of the ice caps, so that’s great for picking it up to pop out the way.

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