Paw Patrol Paw Patroller £56.85 Including Delivery @ Amazon US

Paw Patrol Paw Patroller £56.85 @ Amazon US

Remember last year when no one could get hold of the Snow Glow Elsa for love nor money? Well the Paw Patrol Paw Patroller is this year's Elsa. A few weeks ago it was in stock at the full price of £59.99 in many retailers, but just try getting hold of one now and it's a very different story.

Even last week there were some in stock at Argos at the reduced price of £53.99, but now? Not one. This toy is out of stock at every major retailer in the UK including Smyths Toys, Tesco, Argos, Toys R Us, Amazon, The Entertainer and Very.

We have been flooded with requests from parents desperate for the Paw Patroller for their children's Christmas present, and we have been forced to look further afield than usual and have found it in stock at Amazon US! It will cost you just under the RRP at £56.85, but that includes delivery and all taxes so this is a great option right now.

This price of £56.85 is worked out like this: The Paw Patroller is listed at $48.72, which works out at cost you £33.23. Shipping charges are £14.14 and the import fees are £9.48, giving you a total of £56.85. Amazon calculate the import fee for you (which is based on the cost of the item), so although the list price of the toy may change slightly from that $48.72 the other charges are fixed so that you know what else will be added.

Perhaps we will see a ton of stock coming into UK stores in the next few weeks to tick of all those Christmas lists, but last year that just didn't happen with the 'must have' top toys, and many were left disappointed.

We will be telling you whenever we see new stocks coming into UK stores so that you can hopefully get your hands on the Paw Patroller. We don't want anyone to have to pay inflated prices from individual ebay sellers so we will let you all know when stock becomes available.

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  • DAWN-B

    I cannot thank you enough for this information.  I have ordered it today (24/11) and it should arrive by Christmas.  I'm one happy Mummy and my son is going to be one happy boy!  Thanks again. 

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