Where To Buy Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower In The UK 2017

Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower

WOW! Is this the ultimate Paw Patrol Toy or what? This Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower looks HUGE! It's price tag is too, with an RRP of £110 at most UK retailers. It's the ideal BIG Christmas Present that'll be on many Letters to Santa this year.

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The Paw Patrol My Size Lookout measures 69.22cm x 38.1cm x 22.86cm.

Comes with the My Size Lookout Tower, 1 Chase vehicle, 1 Chase figure, 2 Chase pup packs, 1 Marshall figure, 2 Marshall pup packs and batteries.

This isn't just a lump of plastic, switch on lights and sounds by pressing the buttons.

With the working lift, tower slide and the cool flip feature at the end, this toy will have little ones in Paw Patrol heaven. I can hear the laughter already.

Suitable for children aged 3 years old and above.

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  • Heather P.

    Still £100, £10 off isnt going to make me buy it yet lol

  • Wendy M.

    Luca would love this but expensive xx

  • Laura P.

    It's just soooo expensive :scream: xx

  • Claire C.

    Wow that looks better then the other one x

  • Suzannah T.

    I've got Finn the smaller version for Christmas :smiley:

  • Nicola M.

    He would love it :joy::joy::joy:

  • Stephanie M.

    Am sure Argos are running the spend £100 get a £10 voucher also :thinking::thinking::thinking: PlayPennies

  • Samantha S.

    That's braw and it's another idea x

  • Amanda H.

    It's just over 100 in toys r us. Xx

  • Dawn C.

    Looks good, maybe worth getting when 3for2 on x

  • Rhian C.

    Saw this in toys r us earlier, looks awesome!

  • Jordan L.

    Yeah but worth it i think.. Can be one ov his main prezzies xx

  • Katie B.

    Thanks. I saw this she has the smaller one xx

  • Nicolaa C.

    Hed love it but probably cheap plastic

  • Paula F.

    That's ridiculous, £100! Pah

  • Claire J.

    Have you seen the price!!!!

  • Claire J.

    Your all over it tonight ha

  • Faye W.

    Have you seen the price?!

  • Kelly R.

    100 quid tho.. hopefully comes down in price lol x

  • Sarah W.

    Scandalous price for a bit of plastic!

  • Ann-marie B.

    Pretty sure my son would love it but £100 I thought paw patroller was dear enough.

  • Shaun T.

    Class. Never seen that one

  • Zephryn B.

    We've actually seen this one Cody wants it :joy:xxx

  • Shelly H.

    Oh yeh that's a defo for Xmas he will love that:thumbsup::grin:xx

  • Stacey G.

    Tyler would LOVE this but forget that price for a piece of plastic

  • Fiona W.

    I was just looking at this xx

  • Jo Y.

    Haha might end up being climbed on :joy:

  • Nikki W.

    I refuse to pay £109 for some small plastic thing

  • Karen H.

    Cheapest place is £89.. dearest £109 :dizzy_face::fearful:

  • Lauren F.

    Silly money! Shame looks good xx

  • Tina M.

    I love him bit still not paying that for it...

  • Victoria W.

    It’s still so expensive for plastic

  • Kara E.

    Still expensive for what it actually is x

  • Rebecca R.

    Both boys would love this xx

  • Zoe J.

    Thanks hun this is the exact one xx

  • Vicky V.

    This is where i saw it reduced i lv this page :smiley:

  • Leah V.

    Looks like I’ll be looking at that later xx

  • Gayle W.

    Yeah I saw that earlier! And it's £89 just now in smyths! :raised_hands_tone2:

  • Kirstie H.

    Would be cheaper when I have no money lol

  • Emma M.

    yay, result! He'll love it! xx

  • Ana S.

    Getting it tomo with my 20% off aswell x

  • Emma H.

    That's what I thought!! Xx

  • Kelly M.

    Was u looking for paws things today ? Lol xxx

  • Alison E.

    No think you've confused me with someone else, lol. She's not really into paw patrol, but thanks anyway :kissing_heart::sparkling_heart: xxx

  • Danielle C.

    Yes thanks Hun I got one, didn’t pay much more than the the lowest price on there... and I got free delivery :thumbsup_tone2::thumbsup_tone2: xx thank you for thinking of me xx

  • Kate M.

    Anyone who thinks this comes with all cars and pups is in for a shock. You get a chase pup and chase vehicle and a Marshall pup.

  • Laura K.

    It's just so damn huge lol

  • Caroline D.

    I've brought him the smaller 1 for his birthday already I've heard this one isn't worth the price xx

  • Victoria W.

    He would love that... I will have to have a look x

  • Helen E.

    I'm getting this for his birthday :see_no_evil:

  • Ben S.

    Where would i put it lol

  • Michaela G.

    It's cool though isn't it, think I want it for myself

  • Amy O.

    Thanks if just ordered it from toys r us...she better bloody play with it! X

  • Gemma B.

    Thanks, I’ve got one now though, managed to get one yesterday after all

  • Ian H.

    Saw this in Smyths on Sunday think about £80

  • Rachel F.

    it seems to be on offer at the moment and jax has suddenly gone paw patrol mad :weary:

  • Rachael V.

    Atleast its down in price abit

  • Jodie K.

    Toys r us currently have vehicles for £10.48 too

  • Zoe M.

    Just got it! :grimacing::ok_hand_tone1:

  • Katie M.

    ive been waiting for this to go down!!!

  • Iain W.

    Far too expensive for what it is.

  • Jemma C.

    Omg :heart_eyes: don’t tempt me hahaha!

  • Kimmi M.

    Ordered one :wink: i have a gift card too so extra savings.

  • Keely B.

    It's only £7 more than the boat

  • Michele F.

    Oh no. I already got one for £86 lol x

  • Leanne N.

    I'll have a look see if they have any in stock thank you x

  • Elishia T.

    I’m not spending £75 on a toy! :scream: that’s crazy money!!!! OMG! Xx

  • Sarah W.

    If only their was a toys r us by us :persevere::persevere: xxx

  • Hayley L.

    Thanks hun, I'll have a look x

  • Bernardine M.

    Oooooh good price............ ..

  • Kerry-Ann D.

    I’m just getting him the other one - it’s £40 And you get chase with it xxx

  • Heather M.

    You only get one car :sweat:

  • Hannah B.

    It's comin down, lol. She wants it but I'm not keen lol x

  • Vikky B.

    It’s massive isn’t it :joy:

  • Michelle M.

    Yea I saw this and I am tempted but also wondering if I should wait! There seems to be a better price every couple of days!

  • Tina C.

    Santa has got it already :wink: x

  • Marina M.

    I might show N and suggest this would be better than the stupid same toy, different colour ask. I'm fed up of paw patrol merchandising the same toys in a green and calling it the jungle version, or with a streak of black and it's the pirate one. Plus I The pricing is ridiculous for what it is. I wish I'd come up with paw patrol. I'd be rolling in the profits made from poor parents.

  • Jade T.

    Yeah olly would love it xx

  • James B.

    Joint present?? I think so xxx

  • Sam N.

    I’ve just ordered this yesterday but did get it for 86 from toys r us xxx

  • Elizabeth M.

    I know he really keeps asking for it but he doesn’t play with the one he had and where would I put it :weary: x

  • Jenna J.

    But you still have to buy all the figures and cars separate :flushed:

  • Christina G.

    Is that the one she wants xx

  • Becky N.

    I saw this but £77 it wouldn't last 5 minutes with freddie. X

  • Lisa M.

    Sods law for me then. I've got all my girls Christmas in. ......and i paid £99 for this

  • James T.

    Was going to order this for Ana’s Xmas at £100 so thanks!

  • Jenny L.

    Thanks Hun - I ordered it from smyths a few days ago. Going to be his 1 and only xmas present from us this year haha!! X

  • Natalie Q.

    OMG this is on Archie's Xmas list need to get this while it's on offer xx

  • Sallyanne B.

    Thank you so much for this just bought it for £69.99 :santa::christmas_tree::gift:

  • Gina P.

    Ordered thank you :kissing_heart: xx

  • Jennie J.

    Charlie desperate for it but it’s massive! Might get a smaller playset if on offer. Xxxx

  • Lucy S.

    Oh yes! I’ll have a nosey. Thank you :relaxed: xx

  • Elaine S.

    Thanks for that, I’ll look into it:smirk::heart:

  • Hayley M.

    Just ordered glad I saw this :thumbsup:

  • Fiona O.

    Thanks just purchased this. Such a bargain from asda!!! Had already bought this yesterday in the entertainer for £99 but needless to say it'll be going back :grin:

  • Kelly H.

    Thank you!all ordered. We were just last night discussing this!!x

  • Laura J.

    just paid £90 for this !!!! :rolling_eyes:

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