Paw Patrol Jungle Patroller £38.98 @ Asda George

Paw Patrol Jungle Patroller £38.98

Parents, I am sorry but here we have another toy that your kids are going to want and it's now on offer! It's the Paw Patrol Jungle Patroller. It's only available at Asda George (Amazon Sellers have it for £133+), and it was priced at £64.97 but add it to your basket and you get another 40% off, making it just £38.98!

The Paw Patrol Jungle Patroller was originally a 'Walmart Exclusive' so that could well be why only Asda has it over here.

It comes with Ryder and his ATV vehicle and you can put up to 3 Paw Patrol vehicles inside or 6 when open.

Much to your delight, it also makes 'Paw Patrol' sounds - no doubt the theme tune. Let's face it, you don't hear that enough.

The Jungle Patroller is suitable for children aged 3+.

You can Click and Collect the Paw Patrol Jungle Patroller from an Asda store near you or pay £2.95 to have it delivered to your front door.

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  • Shani L.

    why the hell is it so expensive??!!

    • Emma B.

      People obviously do tho otherwise there wouldnt be a market for it! :-(

  • Melissa S.

    what will they come out with next??

    • Melissa S.

      I know right!! Shall we just paint his green???

  • Rhian M.

    New bus for Xmas for mini Pompa's?

    • Sarah P.

      Nope it's the same as the 1st one just different colour x

    • Rhian M.

      exactly, a waste of money to buy the new one! X

  • Claire P.

    this will be the next thing the boys want

    • Charlotte W.

      To hold all the jungle vehicles!!! :joy: take over our houses!!

  • Kimberley J.

    Does anyone find this annoying? I totally get the different 'outfits' for the pups, i.e jungle, sea, etc as its fun to have different characters yes but when you spend £60 + on an original paw patroller for christmas last year then they paint the top green and add some deco and release another one, i mean why would someone need two of the same things? It basically does the same! Im fine with the extra pups but the big stuff really annoys me! A different vechicle makes sense like the new sea patroller - but another paw patroller ... really!

    • Susan L.

      Agree. I wish they would've helped out with the pups too - why can't the costumes be interchangeable. Instead of buying new pups for new vehicles just sell a pack of clothes to click on them. I refuse to do it this year. It's too much.

  • Jordan G.

    It's literally the same just different stickers haha

  • Lindsay M.

    Oh santa may have to look at this :joy:

  • Michelle C.

    It's getting a bit bloody ridiculous at this stage, it's hardly like they ever even show episodes with all this new kit in it.

    Poor child keeps asking when are there going to be more sea patroller episodes and then we have the spy episode coming which no doubt will have even more toys associated with it gggrrrr

  • Christina S.

    I'll paint his other one :joy::joy:xxx

  • Nicola S.

    £65 :flushed::flushed::flushed: Why are they super expensive like xx

  • Leanna H.

    It's exactly the same as the paw patroller lol, that he's already got x

  • Kirsty B.

    Loves it laur its on the xmas list :joy:but the other one not seen the jungle one thank you xx

  • Laura B.

    apoarently only one shop sells the jungle one :see_no_evil: x

  • Chloe R.

    Asda also sell the arctic terrain at £45 all it is that these have come from america.

  • Claire T.

    I've seen this, there's a new air patroller too. There's no need there exactly the same except colour :open_mouth:

  • Roseann H.

    Its all expensive cos they know us silly parents will pay it!

  • Naomi H.

    Wow have you seen the price :open_mouth: xx

  • Katy A.

    Soooo expensive eh :joy::flushed: he literally has an obsession :joy::joy:

  • Gill H.

    He he he yes they all do :see_no_evil: x x x

  • Paula B.

    They def lack bloody imagination for these things!! Spent nearly an hour explaining to my little boy why santa wasn't going to be bringing him all the new sea patrol vehicles when he's got a full set of the original vehicles!! X

  • Sarah C.

    its unbelievable, some big wigs sitting in an office going "how can we sell all these paw patrollers? I know lets change the red for green and sell them for 65 bucks!" Thing is people are actually falling for it?! We bought the original one second hand for £20 and I would say that that's really all it's worth

  • Sarah E.

    He wants the boat he's not having this one as well lol xx

  • Victoria W.

    Hahahaha yeah he's not having it though

  • Rachel B.

    Show him I bet he'll want this one too lol :joy:

  • Kirsty A.

    Great another lmao they cost me a bomb lol xx

  • Kimberlie F.

    Lol one for the xmas list z

  • Emily B.

    Read the thing lol, it isnt available anywhere else apparently x

  • Christine W.

    Plastic crap are being exploited all the time

  • Jo A.

    We have the blue and red one!! Mind you no doubt he will want this one too xx

  • Jo A.

    rubble he my favourite pup :dog: x

  • Lisa M.

    - so basically identical to the law patroller with different colour plastic :see_no_evil::rolling_eyes::smirk: Oscar had best not want this! Xx

  • Karen L.

    Thanks!!! Just ordered one xx

  • Julie A.

    Oh my god how many is there lol x

  • Lauren E.

    Yes sea patroller is on my list too- paw patroller is a gift from grandparents. Bloody Christmas!

  • Sam N.

    Brill Hun will have a look now xxx

  • Dave W.

    "Much to your delight, it also makes 'Paw Patrol' sounds - no doubt the theme tune. Let's face it, you don't hear that enough" lol so true!:laughing:

  • Clare D.

    This is the lorry that I have x

  • Sarah M.

    Thanks lovely.....I think I'm going to stop at what we have already :joy::kissing_heart: xxx

  • Kelly S.

    this was £65 when I got dougs :flushed:

  • Daniella J.

    Check this out !! Brilliant saving x

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