Paper Jamz Guitar Rock 6 - 8 years £12.48 @ Tesco Direct

Paper Jamz Guitar These Paper Jamz Guitar's have been a bit of a phenomenon. I've never seen or tried one myself, and personally I don't get them. I guess I would need to have a go! My son has just started piano lessons. I think I would rather he had real instruments to play on, but as a fun toy these look quite cool. Tesco has reduced the price on the Paper Jamz Guitar Rock 6-8 years by half price. Down from £24.97 to £12.48.

Play along to three hit songs with Paper Jamz Guitar Rock 6. This Paper Jamz Guitar features a built-in speaker with volume control and line out for earphone or speaker accessories (not included).

The guitar has a cool black and white swirl design on the front. You can also play along with the drum series. According to the website it is suitable for children aged 8 years and upwards.

Which confused me a bit as the name of the guitar on the website reads as if it is 6 to 8 years! But I think it means that this is version 6 of the Paper Jamz Guitar, suitable for anyone older than eight years. It measures 76cm deep by 25cm high.

Thanks to Scotty 071280 at HUKD!

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  • debadwolff
    sorry, don't get it. is this a real guitar for a child or is it something that only works with a computer or game? i would like to buy a REAL guitar for my child but this seems too cheap so can't be the real deal... any help?
  • Lynley O.
    Don't think of them as a guitar replacement but as an AIR guitar replacement, LOL! I don't get the appeal either but I haven't had a go on one. You get a certain number of songs on the guitar that you can 'play' by pretending to strum along to. As one reviewer commented it gets tired rather quickly unless you're under 12.

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