Orchard Toys Tell The Time Game £3.50 @ Amazon

10 February 2011

orchardToysTellTheTimeGame Amazon are selling this Orchard Toys 'Tell the Time' game for £3.50 instead of their listed rrp of £7.00 - Play are selling it for £10.99.

I remember being obsessed with the time when I was small; I wanted so desperately to be able to tell the time so I could legitimately wear a watch, I used to get worried that someone would ask me the time and I wouldn't be able to give them an answer *sigh*

Like learning to read, learning to tell the time is a huge step into another world, one where the grown-up kids live.

With this Orchard Toys 'Tell the Time' game your child(ren) will learn and develop numerical skills with analogue and digital times - I'm glad about that, few things infuriate me more than someone who can't tell the time on a watch, or clock, that has hands.

On the whole, reviews are good too...

"This game is fun for learning to tell the time. Each player has a lotto type board with funny time related activities to collect. Quite simple to play and because there are pictures you don't have to be able to tell the time to play it."

"I got this to help my 6 year old learn to tell the time. She loves it and so does her 4 year old sister - it is easy to make it accessible to everyone. A really good introduction to learning to tell the time - I wouldn't get it for a child who already can, but it's ideal for one who hasn't learnt yet. Highly recommended."

Thanks to grumpyat3 at HUKD

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