Official Silentnight Original 6” Hippo And Duck Beanie Toy £3 @ Official Silentnight eBay Shop

10 June 2014


These official Silentnight plush toys usually cost £9.99 and then were dropped to £3 which is a saving of £6.99 and 69% off. What’s also pretty special about these is that they also come with free delivery.

When they say that this is the official Silentnight Hippo and Duck they mean that you get this totally cute six inch hippo that is very cuddly and soft and he happens to have his very own duck soft toy that he is cuddling. It’s the endless cuddle. The toy is suitable from six months and the saving is really good too!

The Hippo will be dispatched via Royal Mail and you won’t have to pay a dilly cent for it. I think that £3 for this toy is pretty epic actually and it would make a lovely Christmas gift (stick it in your present cupboard) or surprise pressie for someone special.

Thanks to Yorlasty at HUKD!

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