Nybakad Play Kitchen £25 @ Ikea

Nybakad Play Kitchen £25 @ Ikea

Play kitchens come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but if you are wanting a compact one just right for a small space this Nybakad Play Kitchen from Ikea could be ideal. It's just £25 and is available both online and in stores.

This is perfect when space is an issue, as this small play kitchen will tuck into the smallest of bedrooms or fit into a corner of the living room without taking up too much room.

It's clever design means that it has all the essentials of a play kitchen, but in a 49 x 30 x 50 cm space. It has an opening oven with a chalkboard finish, with shelves at the side, plus a sink, hob and dials. It has a neutral colour scheme so won't clash with the room decor.

Home delivery costs vary, and they can pretty steep as the service is set up for large furniture delivery rather than kids toys, so picking this up in store is a much better value option if you have an Ikea nearby.


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  • Lauren L.

    wonder should i get cian this so i can cook in peace x

    • Carla C.

      was u after one of these?

      • Stacey L.

        Aww this is so cute, well any kitchen really lol xx

        • Lindsey J.

          Toys r us I've ordered evie one for Xmas xx

          • Stacey L.

            Aww I'll have to have a look thanks Lindz xx