Nintendo Super Mario Collection Now @ Build-a-Bear!

Nintendo Super Mario Collection Now @ Build-a-Bear!

Oh my goodness. If ever there was a collection to get me to a Build-a-Bear shop it's this one! They have just launched their new Nintendo Super Mario Collection and it's amazing!

It's available online now, and in selected stores only, so I'll be placing an online order rather than risking the shops I think.

They have a marvellous Mario Bear* for £21.50, Yoshi* for £19.50, and while Bowser* is a little more at £27 Toad* is a bargain at just £8.

You can also buy costumes for your regular bears too, like the Luigi Costume, Princess Peach Costume or Mario Hoodie.

I am so tempted to buy the lot as I know my kids will both go crazy for them, so it's a case or reigning myself in here I think! We'll have to see what Santa brings I guess!

I think this collection could well sell out, so I'm getting my order in right away!


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  • Stacey T.

    Charlie would love these x

    • Emma S.

      Why is bowser so expensive :see_no_evil:

      • Liam G.

        Jesus this will cost me a fortune once Tig sees them

        • Joanne T.

          I know a couple of boys who would like this! Thanks!

          • Iain K.

            Our will-we-won't-we relationship with Build A Bear rages on. What to do?

            • Laura M.

              I’m sure Scarlett would love him

              • Jodie R.

                Ahh jake would love one if these xx

                • Sophie D.

                  I kinda want them all...for the kids

                  • Laura C.

                    :grimacing::scream: need it all! Haha

                    • Alex L.

                      Guess where I'm off to next week! :joy:

                      • Kelly P.

                        :heart:! I can’t spend any more money though!!! :weary::weary:

                        • Vicky T.

                          Omg im gonna have to get mase one of these! X

                          • Gemma W.

                            The Mario one with the M on his hat! Lucy could have Luigi hahaha! X

                            • Lyndsay L.

                              Omg Archie will love these

                              • Bex E.

                                OMG! He would love this!!

                                • Naomi H.

                                  These are amazing! :-o :heart_eyes:

                                  • Kelly H.

                                    Ahh alby will love these xx

                                    • Mark T.

                                      I would love a bowser teddy thank you xxx

                                      • Milky M.

                                        Nooo I'm already collecting the pokemon not mario as well

                                        • Zoe P.

                                          No words! Oscar will be amazed by this!!!!