Nikko Radio Controlled Supra Car £12.98 @ Argos eBay Outlet

Nikko Radio Controlled Supra Car £12.98 @ Argos eBay Outlet

Argos have reduced the price on the Nikko radio controlled 1:16 full function Toyota Supra car to £12.98 including delivery charges on their eBay Outlet. The price is excellent for this toy which would make a fantastic Christmas gift.

The radio controlled Toyota Supra car from the Fast and Furious: Fast Five movie comes with a bonus set of exchangeable drifting tyres as well as plenty of cool extra features. You get a full function control that allows the car to move forwards/backwards/left/right, and three channel frequencies.

The tyres have wheel alignment capabilities and the entire kit comes packed in a Fast and Furious gift box. The car is scaled down 1:16 and comes with all of the batteries you need to keep it going. The kit is suited to children over the age of six and it is totally brilliant. What a cool way to start Christmas.

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD!


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