In The Night Garden Character Hats £5.99 @ WH Smith

26 September 2010

In the Night Garden Character Hats This looks like a really lovely crafty product, at a pretty good price. The Night Garden has appeal for boys and girls alike, and seems to be a winner with any preschoolers I know. WH Smith has reduced its Pack of 3 In The Night Garden Character Hats by 60%, down from £14.97 to £5.99.

According to the website these character hats are "easy to make and decorate. Encourage your little one's imagination with a role playing game - or your toddler can just have fun putting on and taking off their own personalised hat". It comes with Crayola Beginnings Jumbo crayons, which are easy for little hands to hold. There are stickers too.  Also includes adjustable headbands featuring In The Night Garden scenes.

In the Night Garden Character Hats 1You'll receive 3 boxes, which at this price could make it an ideal activity for parties. Or just for rainy Sunday afternoons, as today turned out to be (despite the weather forecast on the BBC being for sunny if chilly).

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!

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