In the Night Garden Bean Toys £2.98 @ Tesco Direct

Night Garden Bean Toy Iggle Piggle If you've got a child under the age of five then you know all about the Night Garden. This is a hit CBBC show, a sort of Teletubbies for bedtime. Tesco Direct are selling a selection of soft bean toy characters from the show for half price. Marked down from £5.97 to £2.98. Delivery is free if you can collect from a store (see the site for stores offering this service).

When we looked the characters available were Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka, and Upsy Daisy. The recommended age is from one year upwards.

My son went through the In the Night Garden phase when he was 2 until he was nearly 4. This was two years of everything having to be Iggle Piggle or Makka Pakka. It can be almost relentless, but what I liked about this show was its association with being calm, and quiet, and preparing the children for bed. It was a part of our routine - dinner, bath, Night Garden then up to bed for a story.

Night Garden Bean Toy Upsy DaisyBecause of this he loved to have his Night Garden toys in bed with him. Not all that comfortable when they're made of hard plastic! At that time, these little toys weren't available, and I really do wish they were. Much cheaper than having to buy the really big soft plush toys.

Thanks to Taswir1 at HUKD!

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