In The Night Garden My 1st Trike £14.99 @ Tesco Direct

In The Night Garden My 1st Trike £14.99 @ Tesco Direct

NightGardenTrike1This cute little bike, decorated with a theme based on CBeebies show In the Night Garden, has been reduced by a smidge under £20. Tesco are selling it for £14.99, marked down from £34.97.

NightGardenTrike2This is one of those trikes that has a parental push handle, a long stick attached to the back of the trike, with a rubberised grip at the end. I’m told by friends that this sort of trike is great for that transition period when you want to wean your toddler off the pushchair. It helps to get them moving along, and but also provides a seat for when ltitle legs get too tired, without breaking mum or dad’s back carrying them. It is amazing just how incredibly heavy a two year old can be! T

here’s a footrest for the child, to use when they’re being pushed and don’t want to pedal. And the parental push handle can be removed. It also has that all important rear bucket. It never fails to amaze me how much time a toddler can spend selecting just the right items to put in a container, then taking them out and selecting some more.

Thanks to Cocoabean at HUKD!


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