NEW PJ Masks Headquarters Playset Available To Pre-Order @ Smyths Toys

NEW PJ Masks Headquarters Playset Available To Pre-Order @ Smyths Toys

Do you have a PJ Masks fan at home? If you're looking ahead to that big present for Christmas or birthdays you'll want to know about the brand new PJ Masks Headquarters Playset that's coming to UK stores this September. If you want to make sure you get your hands on one then the only place you can pre-order right now is Smyths Toys.

This is the biggest and best toy you'll be able to get for PJ Masks this year, as it's a large playset with tons of features and ways to play.

There's three levels of play, interactive features like red owl vision googles and a Spyscope, lights and sounds, and a Cat Boy figure and car included.

It's not cheap at £49.99, but we'll be keeping a close eye out for deals in case the stores drop the price before Christmas. With this being on pre-order though the stores must be expecting to have a hit on their hands!

It's expected in stock between 6th and 12th September, and you can pre-order now on the link above. That was you're reserved a toy, and they don't charge you until nearer the time of release.

Home delivery is free of charge as it's over the £20 minimum, or you can also pre-order for click and collect from store.


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  • Edel M.

    This is on our Santa list already!!!!

    • Nicola D.

      Yup need to hoard this

      • Edel M.

        I prefer the one on Amazon from USA looks amazing

      • Tracey C.

        I defo think Riley needs this play set too

      • Jamie M.

        Too big, too plastic and it will be too much in the way

        • Lacie M.

          We've had to preorder Hun, apparently they haven't arrived in the U.K. Yet, toys r us was supposed to have stock a few weeks ago but the shipment was delayed, smyths are expecting stock early September xx

          • Becky C.

            Need the one from America over here please instead!! :expressionless:

            • Amanda C.

              That ones much cooler isn't it, we got our hands on one fortunately if you on the very long shot basis you know anyone going to Hong Kong they've got them there!

              • Becky C.

                Oh I no people in America but aint paying 140 on a toy lol xxxc

                • Nikki S.

                  We have the one from America! My son hasn't touched it since his birthday! Luckily I picked it up whilst on holiday so didn't have to pay delivery! It just takes up so much room! But he loved it for about a week x

                  • Becky C.

                    Oh feel slightly better but my son has watched the American one on YouTube and I feel like a bad.mum if this one turns up from Santa :joy:

                  • Kelly-marie W.

                    One to add the list, just hope he still into them come Christmas lol

                    • Vicky T.

                      Yeah I tend to leave that kinda stuff till closer to Christmas cause kids are fickle creatures lol

                      • Laura G.

                        James would love this!! Thanks xx

                        • Emma H.

                          Harrison would love that thank you! Checked Smyths and you can pre order for September. Maybe a Christmas present xx

                          • Gillian R.

                            100% need to get that gor owens birthday or xmas xx

                            • Georgina R.

                              Omg theo would love this!!

                              • Shannon L.

                                Cool isn't it u should et it Jayden he likes pj mask xx

                                • Kirsty C.

                                  Thank you. Will see if he's still into them when his birthday comes around! xx

                                  • Charlotte T.

                                    Oh my god he would love this xx

                                    • Bianca L.

                                      Yep he would! U seen price tho :see_no_evil: deffo a Christmas present lol xxx

                                      • Caitlin J.

                                        Least it's an early idea for Christmas haha :blush: xxx

                                        • Naomi H.

                                          Oliver would love this! Xx

                                          • Jen B.

                                            How weird when we talking about it before it's not as good as American one tho booo x

                                            • Sarah E.

                                              Defo getting this for Jenson xx

                                              • Rebecca N.

                                                :scream: I need to get this :thumbsup::heart_eyes: