NEW Paw Patrol Jungle Rescue Vehicles Available To Pre-Order @ The Entertainer

NEW Paw Patrol Jungle Rescue Vehicles Available To Pre-Order @ The Entertainer

Are you ready for the new range of Paw Patrol toys? The latest adventures feature new pup Tracker and there's a new set of Jungle Rescue vehicles and figures from the show. Previously you could only get them in the US, but they are coming to the UK next month, and you can pre-order them from The Entertainer now.

There's several vehicles to choose from, all jungle themed and with character figures to go with them. There's Chase*, Marshall*, Skye*, Rubble*, and Rocky*and Zuma*, and they are priced at £14 for each vehicle with figure.

Each vehicle has moving parts for children to play with, like the spinning propeller and pop-up wings on Skye's helicopter, and they can act out the jungle rescue with their favourite characters.

Whilst these toys are not on special offer this is much cheaper than buying them from overseas, and they are expected to be a big hit when they go on sale in this country.

The Entertainer are expecting stocks to be available late February, so keep that in mind if you are ordering for a birthday or specific date as they are not giving an exact date just now.

Click and collect is free on orders of £10 or more, though most of these look to be home delivery only. That costs £3.99 or is free when you spend £40 or more.


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  • Victoria S.

    They are the same toys just with bits of green on??? Need more imagination!

    • Louise H.

      they look awesome, have you seen the buildings they do to go with these?

      • Melissa M.

        Bringing all these toys out, right after Christmas

        • Lee-Ann K.

          Right after her birthday and Christmas she can do without lol x

          • Louise S.

            Same toys just a different colour on them

            • Casey M.

              His not getting no more aha. Doesn't play with his ones much now anyway :see_no_evil: he'd rather the big pups aha xxx

              • Caroline H.

                PJ masks have taken over from them now :joy::joy: typical xx

                • Amy R.

                  These are what he wanted for Christmas! Xx

                  • Jennifer C.

                    Just got all the air patrol stuff for Xmas!

                    • Stephanie R.

                      Madness aint it ! Theyre pratically the same! X

                      • Sara D.

                        Ooooooh she will love these xxx

                        • Lolly M.

                          He can get lost it cost a fortune for all the original ones he is not getting all the new jungle ones too x

                          • Lolly M.

                            These toys need to be kept under hats parents please keep these hush hush lmao xx

                            • Stephanie H.

                              Really, now they just want more money out of us!!!!!

                              • Ellyn M.

                                Logan won't be getting any. Theres that biggish jingle vehicle. He may be allowed for his bday These new trucks and pups..just got ylow boots lol

                                • Stephanie H.

                                  Argh, cody can have tracker and vehicle

                                  • Ellyn M.

                                    Just need to pup and badge to come.out

                                    • Stephanie H.

                                      That's what we're waiting for

                                      • Sandra B.

                                        Lol saw some of these (or different ones to what hes got) but I told him no as a rip off spent enough on those bloody things as it is!! Xx

                                        • Christopher M.

                                          These are fully stocked in argos already other range is due at the end of the month at smyths toys there is a new jungle cruiser and jungle play set complete new set is gonna be round £300 :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: