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L.O.L. Surprise! Makeover Series Hairgoals

Here's the latest must-have L.O.L. Surprise toy that children are going to be clamouring for, and they're so hard to get hold of! It's the L.O.L. Surprise! Makeover Series Hairgoals, and they have an RRP of £16. We'll tell you where you can buy them, and at the best price.

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So what's different about this L.O.L. doll? This is the first L.O.L doll featuring real brushable hair, and it comes in lots of styles to collect.

Each Hairgoals hairspray canister contains 15 surprises to unbox including a magic mirror, a secret message, hair stickers, hair curlers, a comb, a bottle, a fashion accessory as well as an outfit, mystery disguise and shoes.

Kids can turn the hairspray can into a salon chair, doll stand, display case or even a purse to carry their favourite Hairgoals dolls around. The hairgoals dolls can also be placed in water for an colour change surprise.

There are 12 characters to collect; 10 dolls with real hair and 2 rare glitterati dolls.

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  • Leah W.

    oh god no! No more lol dolls

  • Leah W.

    My purse has definitely finished Christmas shopping :flushed::laughing: x

  • Anna H.

    only £16 so not fortunes!

  • Jay R.

    Omg! She’ll have to wait for her birthday now tho :joy::see_no_evil:

  • Jayda M.

    I've got one on pre order. I'm picking it up later :persevere:

  • Lauren M.

    No Iv not seen these ones! They look good! Il defo have to get one thanks xx

  • Laura H.

    This is what I thought it was but obviously isn’t xx

  • Birdyy

    Funny.. These are extremely similar to hairdoarables, do LOL need to corner the whole market? Smh 

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