NEW Horses & Hearts Riding Club @ Build-a-Bear

NEW Horses & Hearts Riding Club @ Build-a-Bear

Have you seen what's new at Build-a-Bear this week? They have just started selling a brand new and very different range that will be perfect for those who love ponies, the Horses and Hearts Riding Club.

There are two different horses to choose from, a palomino and a bay, and a new range of accessories to go with them. There's a riding outfit that you can put onto regular bears, plus saddle, blanket and bridle sets for the horses. If you want to dress the horses there are colourful hair extensions to add to their mane, or some pretty flower earbows. You can even buy a stable, nutrition kit, and a brush to groom them.

The Horses and Hearts Riding Club is online and in Build-A-Bear stores now, and the horses are priced at £19 each, with accessories starting from £3.50.

This makes a lovely alternative to the very colourful My Little Pony range, and I think they will be super popular. What do you think of this new Build-a-Bear range?


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  • Michelle W.

    You can even by a stable to keep it in! X

    • Michelle W.

      :smile: xx

      • Debbie R.


        • Naomi H.


          • Kayleigh B.

            How cute bellas defo getting one of these for her birthday lol xx

            • Naomi H.

              I want one for bethany!!! Looks like a trip soon then :joy::joy: xx

            • Cannie J.

              They would love them! But. No. More. Bloody. Stuffed toys! Mean mum

              • Heidi B.

                omg ,best not show Jessica this!!!