NEW Finding Dory Collection @ Build-a-Bear

14 June 2016
NEW Finding Dory Collection @ Build-a-Bear

The new Disney Pixar film Finding Dory is likely to be the big hit of the summer when it comes out on 29th July, and you can expect the kids to go into a fishy frenzy when they see it!

There are some awesome goodies popping up in the shops, and there's a new Finding Dory Collection at Build-a-Bear just gone on sale so that your kids can get their very own Dory and Nemo!

The stuffed toys of Nemo and Dory are £19 each, and there's also a pretty blue Ocean Bear for the same price.

You can get Nemo or Dory with sounds included for £23.50, and there's also cute themed clothing to put on your own bear from £5 including a t-shirt, swimming shorts and hoodies.

I really do think this film is going to be massively popular, so Build-a-Bear could have a big hit with these new toys, plus they have the advantage of being great for both boys and girls.

The new Finding Dory Collection is online and in stores while stocks last, and online orders have a delivery change of £3.25 per order.

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