Nerf N-strike Elite Strongarm Blaster (Twin pack) £13 @ Tesco Direct

Nerf N-strike Strongarm Blaster 2 for £13

Have the kids been pestering for a Nerf gun? Or are you wanting to grab some more to make those battles a little more competitive? Tesco Direct have a cracking deal on the Nerf N-strike Elite Strongarm Blaster as the twin pack is down to just £13! That's the regular price for one of these, so to get two for that price is fantastic!

The blasters are quick-drawing and fast-firing with the same long-range power as other N-Strike Elite blasters. Each Strongarm Blaster rapid-fires 6 darts when you pump the Slam Fire slide repeatedly while holding the trigger. Loading is easy and quick with the blasters' flip-open rotating barrels, and the Tactical Rails are compatible with most N-Strike accessories.

This means you could launch a double barrelled attack firing darts as far as 75 feet, or give one to a friend and have your own battle.

You can click and collect for free from Tesco stores, or have them delivered to your home for a £3 charge.

Thanks to mygirlsrveryloud

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  • Sarah F.

    Think they have these not sure will look thru guns lol . I liked this page . Great ideas for Xmas x

  • Jade M.

    Orderd and all lol x

  • Anne G.

    I have bought these :blush: great present for Xmas!

  • Lauren J.

    We need a trip to Costco! Xx

  • Bob H.

    That's a bargain

  • Lesley J.

    Not big enough xx

  • Karen P.

    I've bought them! I'll need a licence if I buy any more armour!!!! :D a bazooka is the only thing that trumps what I've bought!! X

  • Laura M.

    Are they packaged together or separate does anyone know x

    • Teresa S.

      In a big box together. x

    • Laura M.

      Can they be separated to give as two Gifts thank you for your reply x

    • Jenna C.

      They have smaller ones in tesco too

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